2018 UCTM Annual Conference has ended

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Friday, October 12


The Development and Implementation of Small Group Mathematics Instruction in a Third-Grade Elementary Classroom 1321Shorli Daniels • Mary Sowder Building Foundations of Fractions 1312Maria Ellis • Deanne Saunders Enhancing Number Talks with Simulations 2420Patty Low Teaching a growth mindset in a transparent classroom. 1414Kimberly Oldroyd Beginning a teaching career: What we know about preservice secondary mathematics teachers' curricular reasoning 2412Kimber Mathis Accelerate student learning for all through team teaching and push-in SpEd support 1316Tiffany Duty • Ashley Hansen • Nicole Quiring Growth Mindset in a Math Intervention Lab 1424Debbie Dellis • Rachel Marshall Leverage time and resources to make student learning awesome 2415Breanna McConaghie • Melinda McDanel • Karen Rapier Square roots with the Babylonian algorithm as an introduction to dynamical systems 1411Brynja Kohler 3-D Printing To Enhance Your Calculus Class 1314Shelley Royce Integrating Students' Personal Data into a Statistics Course Using Fitbits 2414Lacy Christensen Elevating Implementation of Principles to Actions through Classroom Implementation 1420Rachel Bachman • Kristine Bowman Teaching Using Three-Act Math 1318Jennifer Hooper Empowering Student Voice in Digital 3 Act Math Tasks 1425Cory Henwood High-quality Instruction: A Deep Dive into Multi-Tiered System of Supports in Mathematics Framework 1417Joleigh Honey Learning First, Technology Second 2411Todd Call Affordances in Early Conceptual Understanding Number Tasks in Grade 1 for Low-Achieving Students 2417Annika Jensen • Allison Roxburgh Standards-based Targeted Intervention 2424Brenda Bates Blended by Design: Blended Core Mathematics 1415Joel Kongaika • Dane Moorman • Craig Pritchard



Saturday, October 13


Mathematics as a Catalyst For Social Justice 2420Leilani Nautu Emphasizing Precision in Mathematical Language with a Focus on the Concept of Fractions. 2414Derrick Harkness Integrating Math and Science: Making Connections in an Elementary Setting 1314Jason Hart • Mary Sowder Developing Fraction Fluency 2417Michael Leitch Embracing Mistakes: A Path to Deep Understanding 1316Jeremy Smith Co-Taught Math Classes Improve Student Outcomes: Guidelines and Tools for Establishing and Improving a Co-Teaching Program 2424Malia Hite Grading for Student Growth 1424Renae Seegmiller • Christie Tolbert Progressions and Practices: Engaging Students in Mathematical Practice Standards is Catalyzed by Teachers Engaged in Effective Teaching Practices 1415Travis Lemon Using Algebra Tiles from Polynomials to Factoring 2411Lisa Jasumback The Role of Emotional Response in the Learning of Mathematics 1420Rachel Bachman • Boston Workman Mathematical Modeling to Understand Memorization 1411Brynja Kohler • Will Tidwell Mathematics Teaching and Learning and the Revised Utah Educational Leadership Standards: Academic Success and Well-Being for Each Student 1312David Smith Students’ Early Number Strategies to Guide Educators’ Instruction 2412Kristy Lister • Laura Sawyer Empowered! Creating a Classroom Culture of Student Success (Part 1) 1414Nathan Cureton Success Criteria in your year, unit, and daily plans 1425David Blake Team-based Problem Solving: A Deep Dive into Multi-Tiered System of Supports in Mathematics Framework 1417Shannon Ference Developing Symbol Sense in Early Childhood: Maintaining Meaning and Enhancing Early Number Learning 1321Monika Burnside • Jessica King • Jessica Shumway Learning Communities that Support Students with Severe Special Education Needs in Early Number Development 1318Sara Urbanek Carney • Beth MacDonald INCREASE ENGAGEMENT BY ELEVATING MATH TO NEW LEVELS 2415Amy Kinder


Let’s Have an Argument: Elevating Classroom Discussions 1420Rachel Bachman • Megan Thatcher Creating Collaborative Classrooms: Engaging Students in Meaningful Learning of Mathematics 2411Lisa Jasumback Grades Middle & High School Engage in reality-based mathematical modeling 1312Andrew Byrns Surviving the First Years of Teaching: New and Prospective Teachers this is for You! 1415Ashley Driggs • Kim Izatt • Travis Lemon Constructing Trigonometric Connections on a Paper Plate 2414Vicki Lyons • Todd Vawdrey Time to Throw Out the Quadratic Formula 1424Renae Seegmiller • Christie Tolbert Mira, Mira, on the wall—how should I teach geometric transformations? 1425Josephine Bastian A Proof for a Slightly Different Limit of a Product, and a Slightly Different Proof for the Limit of a Product 2424Bob Palais • Yingxian Zhu Developing Growth Mindset Assessments for College Algebra 2415Hannah Lewis • Lane Tait Math Vocabulary: Who Needs It? How do we teach it? 2412Statia Davey • Janean Montgomery Data-based Decision Making: A Deep Dive into Multi-Tiered System of Supports in Mathematics Framework 1417Becky Unker Empowered! Creating a Classroom Culture of Student Success (Part 2) 1414Nathan Cureton Feedback For Learning: How to give students highly effective feedback that won't cost you valuable time. 2425Karen Feld Technology Is a Tool, Not a Learning Outcome 2417Nathan Auck When will I need to know this? Examples of how math has actually been used in the modern world. 1411James Hart Identifying and Building Depth of knowledge in Mathematics Standards and Objectives 2420Jill Ashby • Kristy Lister Putting Early Number Sense to Work and Using New Math Language with Counting Collections and Word Problems 1321Felicia Messervy • Rachel Reeder • Jessica Shumway Teaching Mathematics Through Integrated Play-Based Learning PreK-2 1318Lyndsey Jarman